Radical Locality

What if we shopped for fashion the way we shopped for food? : local, organic and consciously made. We believe that to come back to true sustainability we not only have to consume less, but we have to look radically local. And we’ve done just that - local resources, local makers and local production facilities. Here’s how:

The jumpsuits all started with in-house designs, combining timeless silhouettes with modern touches. A puff sleeve here, a ruffle trouser there. We want to keep in mind a more playful aesthetic, while still making garments that you’ll love for years to come.

We work with local pattern maker Baba who’s come from 30 years of experience working alongside both local and global brands. After first pattern is drafted, we create a sample to perfect the fit. With a few more tweaks here and there, the pattern is printed and ready for production. Meanwhile we source all fabric and haberdashery within the area to find the most sustainable options.

We transport the pattern from West Amsterdam over to Diemen where our atelier is located. A family-run business, Mehmet started the business over 25 years ago. Together with son Moes, they run the cut & sew production where they abide by Netherlands labor laws and provide living wage to their workers. Laying out layers of fabric, they produce the jumpsuits in small batches to minimize overstock and waste. We save all offcuts for fabric recycling or upcycling. From there everything goes through QC and delivered by van to our HQ in central Amsterdam - ready for shipping through our e-commerce.

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